After discussing the project with the client, I’ll provide a very rough sketch just to make sure we’re on the same page. The next step is a more finished rendering such as the samples below. These provide the client with a good idea how the final image will look like and any changes should be made at this stage before begining the finished artwork.
Ant sketch Sketch of children bicycling Bicycle race winner Butterfly sketch Handwashing dishes sketch Sketch of flying duck Sketch of eagle on branch Sketch of football players Sketch of Fred and Ginger dancing Sketch of fetid garbage can Sketch of helicopter in flight Sketch of jet taking off Sketch of children Sketches of lovers embracing Sketch of a merry-go-round Montage sketch Sketch of office, man at desk Sketch of politician making a speech Sketch of skating Sketch of soccer player Sketch of Sunnette workers Sketch of tank Sketch of tiger head Sketch of train on tracks Click here to go back one page Click here to go to the home page. Click here to go forward one page